Recycling our mini kegs

benchmark kegWe are committed to ensuring that the maximum possible quantity of our packaged products are recycled. In that regard, we have communicated directly with both the Facility Manager for Veolia at the Hollingdean Integrated Waste Facility in Brighton (East Sussex) and also the Education and Communications Manager for Viridor at the Materials Recycling Facility in Arundel, West Sussex.

Both confirmed that, if our empty mini kegs are received at the respective sorting plants, they will be separated out, baled and recycled.

Videos illustrating the sorting process can be viewed via the following links:

Veolia –

Viridor –

How they get to the relevant sorting plant will depend on where you live, so please check with your council, or else email us at and we will find out. For example, in East Sussex, minikegs can be deposited in the household recycling bins along with cans and bottles, in West Sussex they can’t.

With regards to our mini kegs, if you live local to the brewery, you may give them to our delivery driver when he / she next visits or else return them directly to the brewery and we will ensure they are recycled.

Once the products have been baled, they are then collected by specialist customers from the sorting facilities for recycling. End destinations vary but typically they might be reprocessed in UK or Europe and typically recycled back into beverage cans, and maybe car parts.